16 — 20

Tomorrow / Demain: Screening, Panel Discussion and Mural Art Project

Sunday 20th

Irish Film Institute

6A Eustace Street
Temple Bar
Dublin 2

Tickets: €10.50

What will tomorrow be like?
How will climate change impact upon the way we live, eat, work and play?
For today’s children visiting Temple Bar, how will they live their lives?

Join us for an exclusive screening of award-winning documentary, Demain (in English and French), with a post-screening panel discussion featuring key figures from environment and energy as well as those proposing alternative approaches. The filmmakers, including actor Melanie Laurent, embarked on a globetrotting mission to locate projects and people who offer a more optimistic outlook to the impact of climate change, through their own direct actions. This screening is part of the IFI French Film Festival.

Alongside the film, outside on IFI terrace, a young band of artists will also imagine what the future will look like, through a large mural project, facilitated by mural artists. Inspired by sci-fi and other images, they will use the archway and walls of the building to create a natural tunnel depicting ‘tomorrow’ and solutions as they see it. Guests attending the screening that afternoon will be invited to step into the tunnel, entering this vision of tomorrow and beyond, as envisaged by the young people who will inhabit and create it.

Film: 118 min followed by a 30min Q&A

Part of Children Seen and Heard – Curated by The Ark, celebrating 21 years of creativity for children in Temple Bar