16 — 20

The Things Around Us

Saturday 19th
Saturday 19th

Temple Bar Gallery & Studios

5-9 Temple Bar

Dublin 2

Tickets: Free but booking essential

The things around us

Presented by Temple Bar Gallery + Studios and created by artist Barbara Knezevic this workshop is designed to highlight our relationship as human beings to the objects and other materials around us in the world. The workshop will ask the questions:

How do we interact with things?
How do we form things?
How might things form us?

There are Two separate workshops that are age appropriate in their approach and activities for the age groups 2 – 5yrs and  6 -12yrs.

Part one –We form things
The participants will have 20 minutes to individually create several impressions of their hand in the clay, by clasping the clay in their fist to create a basic form. The children will be asked to think about how the clay feels in their hand, how the pressure and degree to which they squeeze the clay influences its shape and size. How the activity of forming the clay might make them feel or what it makes them think.

Part two -Things form us
Forming groups of four, each child will assist each other in creating a sculpture around themselves, using their arms, legs, torso as armatures or structures on which to attach the various materials. The tape will be used as a very basic and safe way of creating and attaching forms to and around the body. Things could be hung from the arms, attached to the leg, in infinite combinations. Not only does this exercise create an awareness of our bodily relationship to the things around us, how we relate to things in terms of scale and proportion, but it also encourages an ensemble approach to making artworks. It is aimed at being fun, collaborative, using humour and co-operation as tools with which to encourage enthusiasm for art and creativity.

Part of Children Seen and Heard – Curated by The Ark, celebrating 21 years of creativity for children in Temple Bar

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