16 — 20

The ‘R’ Word – Resources, Charity and Auction Politics in the Austerity Era

Wednesday 16th
8PM - 10PM

Dublin City Hall

Dame Street
Dublin 2

Tickets: €5.00

You hear it all the time – ‘we need more resources’. That means one thing – Money. In Ireland many charities overlap but homelessness, drugs and social problems continue to exist despite big funding. Article 11 of our Constitution guarantees all our resources come from ‘One Fund’ so that Auction Politics is the order of the day, yet we have 37 separate taxes on top of Income tax. Social Services and the regular citizen have to cut back while tax breaks for the Wealthy 1% and the Corporations are seen as untouchable. Speaking of the wealthy and the corporations, can they learn from the likes of the Guinness Family and build housing and services for their workers in the country they call home? And could a slice of the Apple (Tax) Pie forever change the way we do business in Ireland?

Personal Finance and Consumer Journalist Sinead Ryan teases out how we can improve our financial state with a panel of social and financial experts including Senator Aodhan O’Riordan, Jennifer Moroney-Ward (Limerick Spring Festival of Politics and Ideas and the Learning Hub), Peter Kavanagh (Active Retirement Ireland), Dr. Rory Hearne (Author and Academic) and Justine McCarthy (Sunday Times) – with a brief excerpt beforehand from Paddy Cullivan’s ‘Solutionism’ show.

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