16 — 20

Shakespeare Lives in Science: Can Shakespeare make you fall in love?

Friday 18th
7PM - 8:15PM

The Dean Hotel

33 Harcourt Street

Dublin 2

Tickets: €5.00

In Shakespeare’s world, lovers look forward to marriage as a matter of course, and they neither anticipate its rights nor turn their affections elsewhere. They commonly love at first sight and once for all. Can we love this truly 400 years on? Love in Shakespeare’s characters and in the animal kingdom – how does it happen? What forms does it take?

To celebrate Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary, join Dr. Niamh Shaw presenter and scientist for this unique look at the science of passion. A special Science week event in association with the British Council with Hannah Manktelow, Shakespearean performance scholar, scientist and poetry slam artist Dr. Sam Illingworth, Emer Maguire specialist in the anatomy of love and mathematician Prof. Michel Destrade.

Discover more about Shakespeare’s insights into human nature that still ring true 400 years on, investigate where modern science matches up with the ideas of Elizabethan “natural philosophy,” hear Shakespeare’s text in dramatic readings and get involved in live experiments and science demonstrations.


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