16 — 20

Seen & Heard: 21 Years for Children

Thursday 17th
10AM - 5PM

The Ark

11a Eustace Street
Temple Bar
Dublin 2

Tickets: €10

As both organisations turn 21 this year, The Ark and Children’s Rights Alliance are delighted to be teaming up to present a special public forum surveying the landscape of significant change for children in Ireland during the lifetime of both organisations.

Aimed at grown-ups interested in or working in the fields of children, education or artistic practice, the forum will bring together a wide range of experts to reflect on how Ireland has changed and look ahead at what should change for the better in the next 21 years. Children’s lives are at the heart of this day-long event, which will include artists and policy makers as well as speakers from civil society, children’s rights, science, health and education.

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