16 — 20

‘Here’s the Science Bit’ – The Politics of Science

Friday 18th
8PM - 10PM

Irish Stock Exchange

28 Angelsea Street
Temple Bar
Dublin 2

Tickets: €5.00

As it is also Dublin Science Week, we put together an expert panel to discuss the Politics of Science. With one of our TD’s saying ‘God is in charge of the weather’, we discuss the realities or otherwise of Climate Change. How can science and technology defeat the inevitable and improve our lives, particularly when robotics will create mass unemployment within decades? Despite the need for our water system to be overhauled, how has bad politics created such opposition to Irish Water, when we know the importance of natural resources to our future? And as an island that produces an abundance of food for export, how do we position ourselves in a world fast running out of resources we take for granted? Most importantly, shouldn’t we be devoting all our time to interplanetary exploration so we have another planet to exploit before this one gives out?

Joining writer and broadcaster Manchan Magan will be Aoife McLysaght (Professor in Genetics TCD), Ian Brunswick (Science Gallery), Claire Byrne (Green Party Councillor), Joe Caulfield (Turn 180) and Richard Corrigan (Chef and Restaurateur).

The discussion will be preceded by a comedy set by ‘Irish Mammies’ creator Colm O’Regan.

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