16 — 20

‘E.U., Brutus?’ – Ireland, Northern Ireland, Britain and the E.U. in a post-Brexit world

Thursday 17th
8PM - 10PM

Irish Stock Exchange

28 Angelsea Street
Temple Bar
Dublin 2

Tickets: €5.00

Chaired by Radio One’s Sean O’Rourke, we discuss the continuing fallout of Brexit – will the North return to a hard Border or are we closer to a United Ireland than ever before? Will Scotland opt for Independence and therefore stay with Europe? Will our economy suffer or can we forge a strong, separate relationship with our biggest trading partner? Can we use Brexit to strike a better deal with Brussels regarding our natural resources and massive debt burden? And is this just the start of a multiple-member EU exodus in a more precarious and dangerous world where centrism has lost ground to ideological politics as encapsulated by Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, the Brexiteers and Jeremy Corbyn?

Our panel will include Lynn Boylan MEP and Eoghan Murphy TD, both of whom share experience at the EU coalface. Eamonn McCann MLA will give the Northern perspective along with Dearbhail McDonald (Group Business Editor INM) and Political Commentator and Author (and Eurovision expert!) Johnny Fallon will give his unique take too.

Before the debate we’ll have a comedy set by Comedian, Broadcaster and ‘Irish Pictorial Weekly’ writer Abie Philbin Bowman.

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