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About us

Established in 2003 The Temple Bar Company is unique within Dublin as it provides the democratic voice for all business, cultural and voluntary sectors within Temple Bar. It is not just a business association.

Our mission is to protect, enhance and develop the area known as Temple Bar; to ensure that Temple Bar is kept clean, safe, attractive and accessible for all who live, work and visit the area; to promote the arts, tourism, trade and commerce and to maintain and promote Temple Bar as Ireland’s leading entertainment, business and cultural quarter.


Paddy Cullivan is curator of this year’s View festival. He’s a multi-disciplined NCAD Graduate who contributes sketches and songs for RTE Radio One’s ‘Callan’s Kicks’, performs as Satirist and Comedian, works as a Creative Consultant and Festival Planner as well as being a Piano Player, Guitarist and lead singer of the Late Late Show House Band, the Camembert Quartet. His recent one-man shows ‘Solutionism’ and ‘The 10 Dark Secrets of 1916’ have had successful runs around Ireland and beyond and he is bringing the latter to the Workmen’s Club on Sunday November 20th at 6pm.

Children Seen and Heard

2016 sees The Ark, Ireland’s only dedicated cultural centre for children, turn 21 and to celebrate 21 years of creativity for children in Temple Bar, we invited The Ark to curate a programme of child-centred events from cultural organisations within the area. Established in 1995, The Ark believes in a child’s right to discover and love art in a society where art and culture are valued and enrich all our lives.

Specifically, they commission, produce and present work for, by and about children, from the ages of two to twelve years old. They do so in their architecturally award-winning home in the heart of Temple Bar as well as off-site and on tour in Ireland and abroad. They encourage and resource Ireland’s artists to make outstanding art for children and work in partnership with others as artistic collaborators, regularly sharing their resources and knowledge with artists, educators and all those interested in child-centred arts practice. They also work with other like-minded organisations to advance children’s rights to art and culture as part of their learning and development.

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